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Oct. 14, 2003 - 6:47 a.m.

It's Tuesday morning and I finally have web access again. I lost it on Saturday - just microseconds before hitting "Enter" on my last diary entry. All the servers at my work decided to take a long, unpaid weekend simultaneously. Aargh! I spent every gap in my 7 hour shift that day typing up a monograph of sheer brilliance. I'm not kidding. This would have been my Magnum Opus. After which I would have retired Dangerspouse forever, since there would be no chance of ever equaling, let alone surpassing it. Oh well, my loss is your gain. I'll keep logging....

So yeah, I'm back on line. I feel like a diabetic finally getting his insulin package after it was "accidentally" routed to Rush Limbaugh's maid. Since it wasn't Oxy, it got sent along. And I live another day.

I do have a home computer you know, and if things get really desperate I supose I could shovel a few coals into that 5 1/2" floppy door and fire 'er up. (God, that thing is old.) But the past two days were not convenient. Sunday I had a friend over, so I had to wear the Gracious Host mask that's been gathering dust for years. And yesterday (Monday) NewWifey(tm) had off for Columbus Day and wanted sex all day. Since she likes doing it in the computer room, I wasn't allowed in. I supposed if I felt like spending the 20 bucks I could wait on line with all the other guys, then use my allotted 20 minutes at the keyboard instead of enjoying sloppy 7ths. But it didn't seem worth it. So here I am. Tuesday, at work, where the cable lines have been fixed.

You know what one of the worst things is about missing a couple of days on-line? (Aside from suffering real experiences, that is). It's missing important social obligations like weetabix's Esteban's birthday. Shoot, it would have meant so much to him had I gotten a card out on time. Poor bugger probably thinks I'm too haughty to send a greeting...or he would if he knew I was alive. Sorry Weetabix's Esteban!

A more personal loss is not keeping up with the daily offerings over at worldsex.com. Oh sure, you can scan the archives. But the "In" pervs all look down on you if you can't discuss the latest pee drinking nurse pics THAT MORNING at the watercooler. I'm an outcast.

I'm also Mr. Fucking Sensitive; I actually noticed the sunrise this morning. I'm lucky to have a studio with a window, and said window faces east overlooking the Manhattan skyline, about 5 miles away. God bless species-killing pollution, it makes for the most glorious sunrises! Really, this was pretty darn spectular; a fan of low dense clouds whose locus was right over the Empire State Building. The fan spread out across the Hudson River into Jersey, almost to my building. The cloud bottoms were blazing scarlet, with shades of blue from teal to indigo coloring the spaces between them. To the sides of the fan were higher, wispy clouds that looked positively metallic with reflected red and baby blue light. And underneath it all, the babel of Midtown buildings all throwing blinding orange beacons, bouncing the sun just coming up over the East River.

Normally of course I would be as oblivious as the next worker bee of things ethereal. But lately I've been looking for something - anything - to cheer me up after realizing that I'm NEVER going to have a job that doesn't entail waking up at goddam 1 goddam 30 in the goddam morning. I guess early atmospheric conditions will have to be the lifeline I cling to.

Speaking of work and such, I actually had some adventures after my Iron Man desiccation shift last Friday (see previous bitch-fest). You'll like it - it involves me being humiliated and in great physical pain. But I'm not going to post it til tomorrow. Or maybe the next day. It all depends on if NewWifey(tm) wants sex again.....

Til then!

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