Dangerspouse Rides Again

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Garage - Track

Oct. 29, 2003 - 6:09 a.m.

radiogurl rocks my cyber-world!

See this spiffy new layout thingy, with the piano keys and music notes in the background, 1920's Flapper era font, and cool red-white-black colors? (Same colors as the beloved NJ Devils! Woo Hoo!) It's all due to...


Yes, she took pity on a poor idiot-savant and on her own came up with the combination of letters, numbers and funny squiggles that transformed "Tinky Teletubby DangerSpouse" into "Suave Adolph Menjou DangerSpouse".

Left to my own devices the diary would have stayed with the default purple-on-slightly-lighter-purple til the end of days. I find no shame in saying that when it comes to programming, or even finding the "On" button sometimes, I'm clueless. Computers are actually such a small part of my life that it's hardly seemed worth the effort to learn more than which button does what on a mouse. But now, thanks to radiogurl, I can at least seem like I belong in The Club. And that's all I ever wanted.

Why the music notes? Well, it's a play on my real name, plus I've played in orchestras most of my life. But...she didn't know that when she sent me the template! Dumb luck? Feminine intuition? Seperated at birth? Who knows. But whatever it is, I'm reaping the benefits.

I also have to send lust and appreciation to wendyloo for offering her services as well. Judging from the layout of her own diary, I'm sure had I taken her up on it my diary would have been just as alluring. Thanks Wendyloo!

I do have to wonder however: what was it about the purple font on purple background that made all sorts of people trip over themselves offering to change it for me? Was it really that bad? I must admit a certain fondness for the old gal, with her understated style and somewhat jaunty swoopy font.

Ah well. The theme is dead - long live the theme! (Or is it a template? I've gotta learn the jargon one of these days.)

So thanks, and a big, boob-squishing hug to all the ladies who made this possible. You're the best!

Oh...and sorry about the cheap feel there....

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