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Jan. 18, 2004 - 6:08 a.m.

It's starting to look more and more like I won't be able to update this here diary more than once a week for a while. If that. My work and home computers both are adament in their desires to remain ill. Maybe they like all the attention, like an abused child who grows to equate beatings with parental love after a while.

And so much has been happening, too. Very frustrating not being able to relate it all. Lookit the stories you've been missing out on:

Norm Abrams is having an affair with my wife!

The evil wood burning stove attacked me again!

The cat I fucked with a Q-Tip is now into S&M!

My teeth exploded from the cold!

I almost ate a bear cub when my face got frozen-stuck to a rock!

I almost helped a woman give birth! But I ran away at the last second!

NewWifey(tm) locked her keys in the car AGAIN! This time while the engine was running!! And wanted ME to leave work early to save her! (Can you say "HAHAHAHA!"?)

Hmmmm....which to write about.....

Since I'm at my home computer, which seems to have sobered up for the moment, I'd best just post something brief. Even on the best of days I usually only have a half hour window to indulge in porn/posting before my motherboard does its Shuttle Challenger impersonation and burns up when Entering.

So has anyone on the East Coast mentioned yet how cold it is? Jesus H. Donnerparty Christ! My genitals retracted completely into my body the instant I stepped outside to get to my car yesterday. Really, I had cameltoe. I almost felt bad making NewWifey(tm) go out and shovel in temperatures like that. Fortunately, Maker's Mark help me through any guilty feelings that might have dragged me down. Or outside to help her.

GODDAM IT! Another window I have open just locked up. That usually means the entire computer is about to scurry down a rat hole any second now. I'd better just post this stupid abridged update while I can, rather than risk losing everything. I'll try to add more later, if I see the little green "On" light mocking me again. Sorry!!

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