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Feb. 20, 2004 - 2:53 p.m.

* Whew *

So here's the scoop:

I read a whole bunch of other diaries. Regularly. But if you've read my diary at all in the last few months, you know I've been having hellacious computer probs both at work and Dangerhouse. So a lot of diaries never made it to my "Fave" list because I could only log into Diaryland for a few minutes at a time, usually just long enough to catch up on other people's shit and then get booted off. I had a ton of your adresses in my Bookmarks, but not in my diary's list.

Well now that I have a new computer, I thought I'd rectify that. So if you're here for the first time in ages because you just saw me add you, please know that I meant to do it some time ago but just wasn't able. Also, there are others who's URL's I just don't know any more. I couldn't import my Bookmarks from the old CPU, so I've had to rely on scraps of paper that I've got scattered all over with various diaries listed on them in ink. If I didn't find the scrap with your name on it, I probably haven't added you, even though I may want to. Drop me a note and I'll fix that.

And listen - I haven't put descriptions up because I'm too damn lazy. Really. I was gonna try to couch my inconsiderate shortcoming with something like "the dog is on fire and I really have to attend to that first", but I know you. You'd see right through that. So, yeah, just too lazy. But each and every one of you is there because I really do look forward to reading your stuff. And the styles are all over the board; some are riotously funny, others are melodramatic soap operas. Some are like watching a slow motion passenger locomotive filled with orphans chug blindly towards the sabotaged tracks over the river gorge. Oh no! Will it be saved? (Hope not!) And of course there are some listed because they are like trying to figure out Linear-A. ('What the fuck is this person talking about? I'm gonna keep reading this one til I figure it out, dammit!' It's a challenge.)

Anyways, there ya go. Sorry if this bored the rest of you. Back to actual entries tomorrow.

Aw shit, ok, I'll leave you with a stupid joke. It's probably old, but I just heard it:


A blonde is driving along when she's pulled over by a cop. The cop turns out to be a blonde lady also.

Cop: "Let me see your license please."

Blonde: "Uh...um...what's it look like?"

Cop: (rolling her eyes) "It's about this big, and has your picture on it."

The blonde driver searches frantically through her purse and finally pulls out a compact. She flips it open, sees her own face in the mirror, and figures this must be it. She hands it to the blonde cop.

The cop looks at the mirror, rolls her eyes again and says to the driver "If you'd just told me you were a cop when I first pulled you over, we could have avoided this whole scene...."


Ok, now I feel better. Carry on.

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