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Mar. 12, 2004 - 6:34 p.m.

Reason #117 why I love NewWifey(tm)

Earlier this evening:

Dangerspouse and NewWifey(tm) are watching SpongeBob. A promo comes on plugging some new series with Cameron Diaz.

NewWifey(tm): I bet she gives lousy blowjobs.

Dangerspouse: (stunned) How can you say that? She's gorgeous!

NW: Look at that mouth - it's HUGE! There's no way she could get enough suction with a mouth like that.

DS: . . . . . .

NW: No, really. You're a guy; wouldn't you rather stick your dick into something small and tight, instead of a Cessna hanger? I mean, that's why so many guys like anal, right? C'mere, I'll show you....


Now I'll never know if Sandy went back to Texas, or if Spongebob lured her back, dammit.

Oh, and Cameron - sorry babe, gotta cancel this weekend. Your big mouth lost another guy.

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