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Dec. 06, 2005 - 9:59 a.m.

Dangerspouse Goes Under


Down under, that is.

Everybody's favorite Aussie hussy, Hissandtell, asked (well, demanded) that I write a Guest Entry over at her diary. There is no denying Hissandtell.

I've been away recovering from ankle surgery. The recovery entailed 2 solid months of lying on my back with my leg in the air. No motorcycles. No cooking. And no updating Dangerspouse.

I returned to motorcycles and chow hounding last month. But not Dangerspouse. I was enjoying the vacation.

But like all vacations it was destined to end eventually. And what better way shake off mental cobwebs and ease back into writing than to post a sub-par story at someone else's place? Why sully MY abode with rusty garbage?


So if there is anyone left who hasn't given up on this here pile-o-words and wants to see what I managed to spew out after 3 months off, it's here:

The Triumphant Return of Humble Mr. Dangerspouse...to Hissandtell.

Look for more here soon....



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