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Dec. 16, 2013 - 6:16 a.m.

Oh god, not more food

Yes, more food. Sorry.

This is all Poolagirl's fault. All the stuff I made in my last entry required egg yolks. ONLY egg yolks. By yesterday morning the entire bottom shelf of my fridge was taken up by bowls of whites, and NewWifey(tm) was threatening to pour them down my throat while I slept. This wouldn't have happened if Poolie hadn't thoughtlessly sent me all those Meyer lemons that I then felt obligated to use.

So waddaya do with a coop's worth of egg whites?

First of all:

Yeah, I could have gone with a merengue something, or even œufs à la neige. But frankly, I've never really liked merengue. And I can't pronounce "œufs à la neige". So angel food cake it was. I still have tons of lemon juice too, so I made a Meyer lemon sauce to drizzle over. (BTW, I'm thinking that background will be my default one for all food pics from now on. It's the one angle in the house that doesn't make it look like I live in a dump.)

I also cranked out a big honkin' batch of coconut-tangerine macaroons. I didn't take a pic of them (you're welcome), but I did take one of the mango tart I made from the leftover lemon tart's pate sucree paste:

Yeah, I'm really losing weight this week.

(I just noticed that as of today's entry I've used up 98% of the picture space I'm allowed as a Diaryland Gold Member. I think I'm gonna go through my archives and delete a bunch of my penis pictures to free up more. I'll probably have to delete a lot, since they weren't that big.)

Ok, gotta get moving here. I've been invited to a radio station Christmas party, and it's like 2 hours away. Normally I hate going to these things, but apparently everyone is bringing baked goods. How could I say no to more baked goods?

Ciao, kids. Go eat.




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