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Nov. 13, 2015 - 4:14 p.m.

And your little dog, too.

Ok, time for a class assignment:

Go google "Billy Burke".

Now google "Billie Burke".

See the difference?

Guess which one the program director meant yesterday when he told me "Get ready, Billy Burke will be in the studio tomorrow"?

That's right. He meant Billie Burke. It's the nickname he gave to the fill-in newsgirl who sometimes does the morning show with us. The nickname that, up until yesterday, he never thought to share with any of us.

So, thank you thank you thank you to everyone who left show prep questions that WOULD HAVE BEEN VERY HELPFUL IF I WAS ON THE AIR WITH BILLY BURKE. But I on the air with Billie Burke. Or at least, someone who apparently reminds the show host of her.

So, no insights into why Alex disappeared after only 3 episodes of "Gilmore Girls". No asking if he's ever been told he has a dog face (really, Penny??). And sorry Jimbo, I guess we'll never know. (Me? Fuck Bella, marry Biel, kill Beyoncé. Always kill the fattest one.) And dammit, now I don't know what to put on his pizza if he ever shows up at Dangerhouse for lunch. (I assume Billie's favorite would be Dunkin Munchkins. Of course.)


And here I was all chuffed yesterday for being a Big! Radio! Star! who's just SO fucking cool interviewing A-List Hollywood celebs like it's nuthin' while all you little people sit around drinking PBR wondering why your 2-year community college degree didn't land you anything better than a night fry manager's job at McBurger Queen.

Dammit. Gimme one of them PBR's willya? And ya got any pork rinds in this trailer?

Oh well. At least I still get groupies :)





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