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Feb. 07, 2020 - 9:27 a.m.

I know it's customary for me to wait 6, 7, or more weeks between postings here. So please excuse me for posting this just one day after my sexysexy football entry (Go Chiefs!). But I've got a problem, and I'm wondering if anyone else here at good 'ol D-Land is dealing with the same issue.

I enjoy reading many, many of the blogs here. I equally enjoy leaving notes at the blogs I've read. Additionally I (usually) feel obligated to respond to notes left in my own blog.

But lately I have been thwarted in my attempts to do leave notes in other peoples' blogs. Not always, but very, very often. I click "Leave a Note, Sucker!" on some D-Lander's pathetic excuse for a blog, but instead of bringing me to said notes section I am transported to the Diaryland sign-in page. When I sign in and try again...wham! Back to the sign-in page. Sisyphus will get that boulder to stay on top of the mountain sooner than I'll be able to leave a "YOU SUCK!" in someone else's blog.

So to those of you who are wondering why I haven't been pestering you lately, and those of you wondering why I haven't returned your poorly written note at my place...sorry! I'm reading you and crafting brilliant, witty retorts to leave at your place. But I can't post them for some reason.

This happening to anyone else?

In possibly related news....

A lot of you for some reason think you are writing such sensitive and/or brilliant material that you have locked your diary. That's fine (albeit delusional). My computer used to auto-fill the entry info for all the locked diaries whose owners gave me it.


For some reason the vast majority are not working any more. There are a few I can still access, but others have either changed their secret codes, or just recently locked their diaries and I haven't been apprised.

So if anyone here, particularly those in my Buddylist, wants me to keep reading their diary and it's locked, could you either send me your info (to notepad101 (at) hotmail) or leave it in my notes section? (I'll erase it once I have it, if you ask.) And this is very important: PUT YOUR DIARY NAME IN YOUR MESSAGE IF YOU'RE EMAILING ME, NOT JUST YOUR REAL NAME. "It's me, Oswalda!" is not helpful. Do you know how many Oswalda's I know?? So yeah, diary name too, ok? Thanks!

Ok, we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

After this really stupid joke:

What's green, and has wheels?
Grass. (I lied about the wheels.)



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