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Mar. 23, 2020 - 3:31 p.m.

WTOM, on the air!

Day 1 working from home.

NewWifey(tm) convinced me I should wear the same clothes I always wear to work, so I could get in the same mindset:

WTOM Radio

I think it helped. You could really hear the gravitas in my voice.

In other news....

Spring arrives in North Jersey:

Snow Flowers resize

I took that picture this morning between mic breaks. Snow! On March 23! Oh well, at least it'll put the bears back to sleep. I need them to be immobile when I run out of quarantine supplies and have to forage for meat.

Speaking of, anyone else in the same boat here? On Saturday I looked at the mountain of foodstuffs I'd purchased to carry us through this plague, and instead of thinking "if I portion this pile correctly and practice moderation we should be able to ride this out for a couple of weeks without starving"...I threw a huge fucking banquet because I needed cheering up and it all looked so good and really, it's such a big pile that a little more off the top won't make a difference, right?

I thought so. You suck at this too.

This is WTOM, signing off.




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