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Nov. 26, 2003 - 6:41 a.m.

Don't expect a scathing, satyrical, or even vaguely uneasy entry today. I'm all giddy because of the Holiday, and -

I heard from NewWifey(tm) last night!

It seems she's fine, but she's not sure where she is. She told me to go rent the movie Montenegro and all would be made clear. I dunno, I was never into Blaxploitation films. I'll just tell her I saw it, and I'm glad she had a good time. How bad could it be?

For a while there I thought she might have been one of the people killed in a bad accident that happened Tuesday morning on the road she takes to work, at the time she's on it. But I went home and played Playstation all day and the cops never called all somber and serious, so I assumed she was OK. (Turns out only one person was killed when all was said and done. But we'd been given initial reports at the news desk that at least 4 commuters were rent asunder. Way to build our hopes up, guys!)

She mentioned however that she'd be able to meet me in Manhattan tonight, since we have tickets to go see Omnium Gatherum, an Off-Broadway play. The play apparently features Real! Live! Food! and food to her is what sex is to me; she wants to bury her face in it, reek of the smell of it, get children to like it. So her Irish butt's gonna be in that seat even though she has to sit next to a probable felon. I can't wait!

She did tell me she was going out after the show with some friends though, and I shouldn't wait up. For a few weeks. I asked her if she would mind just stopping off at home first to do some laundry, but she must not have heard me because she hung up. Dammit, if only I could figure out the knobs on that washing machine!

Oh well, Happy Thanksgiving, all! Don't be a turkey....

That was fowl. Sorry. It's been a silly day.

Bitterness will resume Friday, when I'll work from 3am - 2pm. Then go shopping for Chia Heads at the mall afterwards. See ya there!

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